Friday, July 26, 2002

Oh don't you know? Girls aren't allowed to like serious music by cult artisits:
from dullard on bulletin board who has discovered that another embittered middle aged misanthropist likes Scott Walker, but mysteriously, for someone in his elite fanclub, has a vagina:
"{after reeling off a few celeb fans, all male and obsessive - Jonathan Ross, Stuart Maconie, token girlie Jennifer Saunders}
I don't want to be blunt Elizabeth but are you one of those women who thinks the last sog he did was "the Sun Aint Gonna Shine Anymore" with the Walker Brothers?
Or are you aware he has done a little more since then to achieve his cult status? I'm still wondering when he is going to knock out his next masterpiece, balh blah balh"

Scott Walker went nuts in the 60's and had to get away from his fans.
On the basis of this it is the male ones he should be distancing himself from.
Same reason why Sinatra was only revered after he ditched tehBobbySoxers and became a hard man to seal his image.
Chicks are an embarrasment when they like you're music
Ditch them, drive them away.
After all , they all prefer that nice Val Doonican and Westlife don' t they?
The c**t.