Thursday, April 17, 2003

Been in my current job nearly two years now. Its going nowhere, but i am so used to slumming it (fuck knows how little I know in there) that i am terrified of leaving and coming unstuck. I don't really do the 'being a human being' thing too well. I just lurk around my parents instead. I know this isn't healthy, I know this is going to end up being regretted by me bitterly, but i get incredibly freaked out by being around people for too long. Oh well. Wonder what my Dad'll say when i tell him i ant to go to a funeral on my birthday, something ominous about ill omens, superstitions about travel on your birthday, probably something about Mum being ill too. He's like one big long mawkish, maudlin howl, all day, every day. Continually reminded that he and Mum are dying (actually just old and ill)