Friday, November 05, 2004

Blame Springsteen
“Don’t You have Neo-Cons in Canada?”
“Sure, but we punch them out in bars we don’t get them fucking elected”
BBC 2 shows Rich Hall’s election special after the polls close and before the marathon election coverage begins.
Wonder if this’ll be on BBC America soon. Rather fantastically also takes time to pour scorn on the 2 party system and the non-choice it offers via the Democrats, pointed out as now being more right wing than Reagan in the 80’s, but with the promise of being nicer to the French as their main selling point to the hapless citizens of the US. I guess this was why so many celebs flocked to democrat colours, when interviewed, all of them were saying that America needs to be respected (read loved) in the world again. Celebs don’t like unpopular people. How many of them lick Tony Blair’s arse now? Bush might as well have run on the Millwall slogan “No-one likes us, we don’t care”.

Which is why, if they want people to credit them with helping to swing elections, celebrities must take responsibility (alright, blame) for failing to incite the god fearing masses of the grain belt to rise up and replace the English-mangling billionaire Texan gun-nut in favour of guns and against Kyoto with the Vietnam vet multimillionaire pretend Duck-hunter in favour of guns and against Kyoto.

It’s no good just labelling everyone who voted for him as thick (cf: Daily Mirror) two days after you were pleading with them to Move On (dealt with rather swiftly in another documentary on “The Dirty Race for the White House” as essentially Democrats’ attack dogs but still woefully unorganised, they couldn‘t possibly be a self-seeking interest group like the republicans have, why, they have ordinary people like Moby and Hollywood producers in their ranks).

“What do you mean anyone but Bush? How about someone better than Bush? The lesser of two evils is still pretty fucking evil OK?”

“The real struggle in America is between the stupid and the really stupid

This comes the night after a radio 1(they still exist!) documentary on - oh God- conservative punks (current constituency: 4), and the cataclysmic rift they have created within the punk movement in the US. The lone Muslim, Syrian Neo-con punk singer of some band called With God On Our Side or something rails against the abuse he’s faced for coming out, as it were, as a republican, and I cringe at the tales of attack and counterattack as it becomes clear what‘s happened.
They’ve found it.
The punk movement’s Achilles heel.
Ever since Fugazi retorted in one of their lyrics that they ran their own business and so were not scrounger scum, this was on the cards. The report repeats that the punk movement has historically been left leaning. In the main. But that’s not how it started out. Richard Littlejohn (favourite band: The Buzzcocks)and Gary Bushell dabbled with punk bands, ferfuxzake, it was only after the Clash started flirting with reggae that some sort of accommodation was reached between white working class rock and black culture. Donkeys years back, I bought the latest missive from Islamic radical hip-hop /punk band Fun*Da*Mental. Very loud shouty ranting at unleashing the wrath of the Black Man and incredibly repetitive. But lauded at the time by the UK music press for its punk rock anti-establishment rabble rousing sentiments. Unless you listen to this outside the West where it essentially represents more of the same, or the mob that is coming to hunt out Westernised traitors.

There’s a precedent for this. Anarcho-syndicalism is more compatible with Republican Libetarians on the right. Fundamentally, both do not accept that a government with its laws should bring them into account. Libetarians are more freaked out about taxes, where Anarchists object to the organised bit. But there is no inherent opposition. There’s nothing automatically left wing about being a vegan, either.
The anti-Bush punk replies that, actually, their website has had 15 million hits since it aired its Get Bush Out theme/campaign/petition/bake off. So the lone tory punk can just fuck off because no-one else is listening and everyone thinks he’s a freak, OK?

Its come full circle.