Friday, December 31, 2004

The Bland Plays On

Sri Lanka has cancelled its New Years celebrations. As has Thailand. It would be, you'd think, a wise move in light of the thousands of dead still being recovered from across the continent.

Not India though. Zee News, after waiting a suitable amount of time for decorum (approx 72 hours), has returned to its showbiz new quota with a vengeance.
Witness: Thursday evening news, devoting plenty screentime in its bulletin to an interview with The Lovely Bubbly Exciting Actress (TM) Perizaad Zorabian, at her darling little party to celebrate her simply stunning new film/book/play/artistic meditation on the nature of society.

Held in Goa. Right on the coast, then, not that far from The Maldives, the other coast from India. And so there was about 5 minutes of this really minging freakish (ex-model, probable smackhead) showbiz reporter drunkenly chatting to the verry drunk and simply adorable (TM) Perizaad, about her films, and how she realllllly likes to express herself, and actually, she'slookinforamaaaann, and like, she really really loves the minging showboiz reporterslikeher sister, mkaayy?


So glad the stench of rotting corpses hasn't put you off your fucking champagne, sweetie.