Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hooray for The Dave Gorman

So far the only person on one of Endemol's many many many spin off shows to have pulled up Jackiey and refer to her racism.

(Youtube clip added 20/1/07. Even Gorman's mst polite tentative suggestion 1min 28s in, is rebutted by O'Leary, who shares an agent with the Goody family):
Dermot: "Oh Come ON!"

Look at that. Essex boy's turned into a cunt in front of my own eyes.

That'll be the bootfaced munter who gave up pronoucing the name shupa. Sherpa. Sheppey. Shunter. Sheppa. and by the time of her exit interview was simply referring to 'The Indian'.

This is being pulled up on talkboards on Channel 4 and Digispy.

The Indian tabs, of course, are clueless as usual, still stuck in a permafroth over 'Shilpa is teaching Britishers to say OM!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and Indian viewers are being fed an edited version playing up the 'Flirting!!!!" inside the house.

I expect Indian gossip sources to reveal an exclusive on how Shetty is about to pair off with H, the wanker from Steps.

Its doubtful whether they would notice any racism anyway - short of several dozen call centre workers turning to their families when confronted with the moon-faced bellowing of Jadepig and coven to wail "This is what we have to put up with!". Its reminiscent of that old Germaine Greer comment, about how women have no idea how much men hate them. Most Bolly films feature the London Landmarks, and still labour under the delusion that ex-pat Indians live in mansions in Surrey. English actors in Bolly films are of the middle class wooden variety (Chris Pattens daughter) and involved in interminable Bollywood scum fare on the trails of the Middle class. Well Ms Shetty, welcome to my world.

Big Brother seems to have achieved the impossible. It has reduced someone of near- Godlike status in one country to a shadow of themselves and 'just the cook' as Danielle scouser put it, in another. Now I'm all for Bollywood's vile rich getting a good drubbing but seeing it actually happen in this manner is more like the low unwinding of Charlotte Rampling in The Night Porter than the glorious transformation of a dozen old School filmis where a rich hoity toity would be forced to keep it real by living in a slum by a love interest with a mullet.