Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Man Don't Give A Fuck

Young People are cunts.

I've always known that ever since I was one.

And how comforting to have it reaffirmed after viewing tonight's Qustion Time (special edition for middle class 6th form pricks from the Home Counties who do debating competitions and London kids who've read No Logo).

I long ago gave up on Question Time when I realised that it merely consisted of various parties throwing out punchlines to get the most ooohs and Aaaahs from the audience. Charlie Brooker has written at length about 'bellowing cow people' on shows like Jeremy kyle, but in effect you have the same thing here, except its people who would like to think they are above all that sort of thing. Hamas likened to the Suffragettes? God almighty.

As I mentioned on DrinkSoaked Trots, Shirley Williams is essentially rehashing the 6th form laziness of Marcus Brigstocke's stand up act by bashing americans, foreign policy, americans, etc for the laughs & "yeeeaaaaaaaaahhh"s it gets with the crowds. This was merely made more evident by the pantomime booing of tonight's shower of cunts. I've always loathed Davina McCall (every hardened Big Brother addict does. Honest). And now to see her spewing out so much horseshit about Hamas... well, its not a surprise is it? She's famous for fuckwittery. So BBC: Why couldn't you get Lauren Laverne? She eloquently described the Spice Girls as 'TORY SCUM' in her Kenickie* heyday and does actually seem to know something about politics.

Never mind.

The one thing I like on QT is unpopular guests. The people who definitely DON'T get the quick applause. David Starkey on a few years ago caused disquiet in a debate over the NHS by pointing out that actually the NHS had to ration its resources, and no you couldn't be seen instantly by a doctor if you didn't want to pay for it one way or another.

Here, from a few weeks back, is Christopher Hitchens. TheChristopherHitchens.

On Afghanistan. Note the eerie silence as he singularly fails to rouse approval for his statements about how the UK will probably need to keep troops in Afghanistan for the very long haul (and that the UK would probably need troops who've seen combat), as opposed to 'why can't we let them all kill each other?' from the Hitchens Minor. Its not comforting news but it has the unvarnished truth about it, which never goesw down well on a tv show. Nicked from Drink Soaked Trots, who are good at finding this sort of thing.

*Best Girlpunk band EVAH

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