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25th Anniversary of the Bhopal Gas Leak: Bollywood reacts

Given the amazing power of ThatTwitter in terms of outing litigious cunts and routing hate-ridden Daily Mail columnists (Jan Moir was reasonably alright when she worked at the Observer. What happened? Oh yeah, she went to work for the Daily Mail), The VSSoAC is getting into some Meeja analysis and doing a round up of the pourings of outrage at the continuing injustice endured by the residents of the Bhopal area, after years of corporate and Government denials, cover ups, and brutality meted out to survivors by Bollywood celebs and other 'leading Indian opinon formers' via their Twitter feeds. Responses taken from logs of Twitter comments on 3rd December, or searches referring to Bhopal up to 6th December 4pm GMT:

Priyanka Chopra (
On my way to the gym.. Ugh!! Pls remind me why we need to suffer like this!!??
2:38 AM Dec 4th from Twitterrific

Shashi Tharoor (
RT @sardesairajdeep: 25 years of bhopal gas tragedy today.still rembr pablo barthomelew's haunting picture of a child buried alive.(As do I) 8:06 PM Dec 2nd from UberTwitter

Shahid Kapoor (
Thank u for all da luv n appreciation ... Really ....
4:18 PM Dec 3rd from UberTwitter Hey ... Mornin people ... Am off to another day of shootin ....
4:17 PM Dec 3rd from UberTwitter

Karan Johar (
amitabh bachchan is just pure genius!!! paa ia all soul....all heart...way to go @juniorbachchan!!! superb!!!!
1:36 PM Dec 3rd from mobile web off to see PAA later tonight!! super excited and dying to see it!!!
4:28 AM Dec 3rd from mobile web Hey Guys Male version of Ektara for all who want to hear it!!!
3:29 AM Dec 3rd from

Abhishek 'Gavin' Bhachan (
...It means the world to me and the family. I hope we don't let you down.
3:03 PM Dec 3rd from UberTwitter Can't sleep! Don't know how to express or share what all I'm feeling. All I can say is THANK YOU! For all your wishes....
3:02 PM Dec 3rd from UberTwitter Just got back home, forget tired, just too overwhelmed with the response! Can't say much now.... Good night!
12:55 PM Dec 3rd from UberTwitter Interval just got over. Great reactions so far. Let's hope they feel the same after the next half!!!!
10:26 AM Dec 3rd from UberTwitter Reached the venue. Wish me luck!!!! More from inside.
7:03 AM Dec 3rd from UberTwitter Argh!!!! What to wear? Indian or western???? Come on guys, HELP!!!!
4:43 AM Dec 3rd from UberTwitter Press done with.Its now home to a pooja which we do before our releases.You can't bribe the big guy, but its nice to say hi once in a while!
12:10 AM Dec 3rd from UberTwitter

Ritiesh Deshmukh (actor and son of high ranking Indian politician Vilasrao Dagadojirao Deshmukh, current Minister for Heavy Industries in India ) (

God! just saw the news Sehwag scored 283* hope he smashes Brian Lara's 400*. missed this knock. wished i was at CCI cheering for him n INDIA
4:09 AM Dec 3rd from web

Lara Dutta (actress, model and 'human rights activist', pffffrrt) (
I missed being in bombay for the screening of PAA. Chose being with my own paa in bangalore. Am sure Mr. B rocked! Love him!
10:38 AM Dec 3rd from UberTwitter Spent a good 2hrs in conversation with my dad! Some good parental advice being passed down! :-) guess I'll always b a 'daddys girl' :-)
10:37 AM Dec 3rd from UberTwitter

Ram Gopal Verma (self styled auteur convinced he makes films of great social importance) ( last entry on 20th Aug
the point of life is tht thrs no point to its btr to live it point by point nd point to point
10:25 PM Aug 20th from mobile web

Mallika Sherawat (self-styled Bollywood queen of Twitter, mistress of Ja***e C***) (
k... photo shoot in d morn, need my booty sleep;) 'nite tweeps! xoMS
11:22 PM Dec 3rd from web - With Young Victoria producers Graham King n Dennis O'Sullivan of Sarah the Duchess of York's film. She's d origin
11:18 PM Dec 3rd from TwitPic - Ssshe is a vibrant and very warm person! I loved her immediately:)
11:14 PM Dec 3rd from TwitPic - hangin with the Duchesss, it was her night!
11:10 PM Dec 3rd from TwitPic

Dino Morea (
Dammm, got to work little late tnite. Will miss paaa.
5:03 AM Dec 3rd from UberTwitter @fayazshaikh hey my 1st crush was a cute girl who used to sit next to me when I was in school. Have vivid memoriew, very sweet and innocent
1:30 AM Dec 3rd from UberTwitter in reply to fayazshaikh Hello tweeps, what's going on everyone. Am buzzing with energy tday, feeling good. Dnt think I can make paaa premier, will b fun though.
1:29 AM Dec 3rd from UberTwitter RT @MitaliParekh: Your the Indian version of Brad Pitt! I say that everytimee you come on tv and now i can say that directly to you!(Thank u
1:22 AM Dec 3rd from UberTwitter

Barkha Dutt ('anchor-journalist' and starfucker, NDTV India) (
folks- its nearly four am in singapore. I will sleep feeling blessed- by the wishes and genorisity of you all, and my super team at ndtv
11:40 AM Dec 3rd from web WTP wins at asian tv awards in singapore
11:39 AM Dec 3rd from web

Pritish Nandy ('A chronicler of my times') (
@neeraj True. Its the disconnect between the governed and those who govern is so sharp that it is getting worrisome.
10:04 PM Dec 3rd from web in reply to neeraj @bharat_k You are dead right. I saw the caught and bowled by M. I was wrong.
10:02 PM Dec 3rd from web in reply to bharat_k @abhishekshete Thats right. Rajat is very good.
9:58 PM Dec 3rd from web in reply to abhishekshete @arkab Who is ever going to monitor these cuts? These are all symbolic igestures.
9:57 PM Dec 3rd from web in reply to arkab

Celina Jaitley ('Film Star and Human Rights and animal rights actvist') (
@meenukumarr in dubai meenu at the address
10:44 PM Dec 3rd from UberTwitter in reply to meenukumarr @sandy4ufolks :)
10:44 PM Dec 3rd from UberTwitter in reply to sandy4ufolks @linahraymond thanks x
10:43 PM Dec 3rd from UberTwitter in reply to linahraymond @Alexander__H hi alex
11:31 AM Dec 3rd from TweetDeck in reply to Alexander__H Going out with friends to a nice lounge .. on the 63rd floor .. will tweet later alligators .. xx
11:30 AM Dec 3rd from TweetDeck

Pranav Roy ('Educationalist, Managing Trustee- Lady K.C.Roy Memorial Trust of india,Social Activist & Blogger' )(
@priyankachopra ur an angel mam. ur d most incredible looking women in the world. u luk awesum in the first look of pyaar impossible.
6:46 AM Dec 4th from web in reply to priyankachopra

Unequivocal proof there of the power of the internet and the ongoing social commitment of Bollywood's favourite stars.

Of course, if there were to be a fashion event where assorted BollywoodScum such as those mentioned above could attend and actually have the opportunity to have their photo taken, preferably with some photogenically wheezing toddlers, you'd probably get more of a response. Elle Magazine India hold a 'Carnival for a Cause', after parasitic Ladies Who Lunch realise that Breast Cancer is bad:

The Great Bhopal Whitewash (Sunil Jain)

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