Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Modern Indian Ettiquette for Molesting One's Maid

I realise that there are plenty of idiotic newspaper columists filling space with pointless shit related to lifetyle issues in the UK. The unhinged Liz Jones, the infuriating 'Impoverished Millionaire' Rosie Millard. But every now and then you come cross an article so inane, so utterly facile in the foreign press that you are compelled to write, if only so screee gaaaaaarrrrrrgrgghhhahahasjdskdkaaa on a keyboard at the rage they have managed to induce.

Step forward Kalpana Sharma of the Times of India. This article has everything: inappropriate use of exclamation marks, spurious quotes from a cockamamy doctor to speculate on circumtances, conjecture, attempts at name dropping.

To explain: Recently the Indian newspapers have been filled with the lurid details concerning an allegation of rape filed by the domestic servant of a middling film actor called Shiney Ahuja. Shiney. Thats his real first name. The extent of domestic service in Indian households, together with their low rates of protection from abuse remains one of the grubby little secrets that nice shining middle class India would rather not mention in those self aggrandising adverts they keep trailing on tv. And according to Sharma the thought of even considering your 'jhi' as an entity that might be on the receiving end of sexual attention is a dangerous western idea. (Why of course, before western Imperialism the lower orders simply did their duty out of sheer gratitude to their superior fairskinned masters without the latter ever sullying themselves with impure thought. Why would you desire something not of your species?) You know its gong to go wrong right from the title:

Beware of the maid!

"When did a domestic help become a man’s object of fantasy? Have they become the latest male snatchers?"

Having run out of vaguely celebrity-related sex stories to tangentially mention in connection with the rape case, Sharma turns her attention to Nannies. This is because apparently they wear skimpy uniforms or bend over and that. Except thats in the west. Of all the footage I have seen of domestic service workers in India, they nearly all wear saris, or the usual Indian dress of their contemporaries.
The harridan gives the game away in the 5th paragraph:

"Many men also perceive these maids in India as prominicuous (sic). They feel she would be sleeping for money. "Not only that if you observe the way these maids work- putting ample cleavage on display, bending and making a posture that would entice any man. And with the common image of these harmless women, men feel like overpowering them. It's like unleashing the beast within that they know their wife or their girlfriend won't tolerate," opines dermatologist Shuruchi Verma. .......
The fact is that men don't really fall in love with a maid but feel like exploring the alternative world of headless, harmless women.."

Headless, harmless women. I often wonder if this might actually be strategically placed covert recruitment material for the Naxalites. Apparently not.

So, then, courtesy of the National Domestic Workers Movement, are some RED HOT pics of some lissom and lovely maids simply GAGGING for the attention of a fat privately educated member of the professional classes to attempt to manhandle her. Ready?
eh? EH? and how's about... shhh, this is *special*...

But lets not be Sexist. Women can abuse their domestic staff too, as evidenced by a string of child cruelty cases involving actresses knocking 7 bells out of kids they were employing. Take this snivelling example from minor league soap actress Urvashi Dhanorkar:

a 10-year-old girl has accused her employer, Urvashi Dhanorkar, of brutally torturing her for six months.

The girl says she was brought to Mumbai from Amravati to study, but was instead told to be a maid. Her employer was arrested, but later given bail by a local court.

"My hand is burnt. I was burnt with a hot spoon and water," said Rameshwari, the victim.

Scalded with boiling water by her employer, deep bruises under her eyes, Rameshwari can barely bring herself to speak.

Yet, hours after she was arrested for this horrific crime, her employer, Urvashi Dhanorkar, was already out on bail.

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