Thursday, March 28, 2013

All Extended Families are Psychotic: Housewife Hain.. Sab Janti Hain!

Sky EPG:

In an age where working women are considered "cool", Zee TV breaks this cliche by bringing to the forefront the humble housewife and her selfless attitude towards her loved ones. 

Length30 minsEntertainment, Drama

Yes, you read that right. Note the spitting contempt of those quotation marks and steel yourself for 30 minutes of surrendered wife dogshit as a newlywed top investigative journalist decides to find true happiness by masochistically proffering to spend ALL FUCKING DAY lingering round the kitchen trying to source cooking gas in some self defeating pass-agg attempt to rebel against her money-grubbing Saas (Mother in Law) who’d prefer son’s wifey to work as it could bring them money or some shit for her repulsive poundshop Dabanng* *(Gene Hunt with a Movember) shit of a bent cop husband  - which may or may not be an attempt to connect with a (blatantly depressive) pet Bahu (daughter in law) who spends all day silently doing chores. Key message: working women are LAZY FAILURES who SPOIL their UPPITY DAUGHTERS.

(June 2013 update):

Harridan: Sunaina Chaturvedi (Himani Shivpuri)  

Hunt-Sharples Rating: 35 

More cloying Mother-love than outright vicious. Recent attempts to up her game have included issuing some arbitrary fatwa preventing her son from entering conjugal relations with goody two-shoes investigative bahu and banishing her to her grandparents house, to assuage the indelible hurt caused because they were CAUGHT HOLDING HANDS in the FAMILY HOUSE (not even fucking or anything). This also seems to be a recurring theme in Indian soap. I mean DUH, like the only reason they fret about getting their fuckwit male spawn married off is so they can churn out more spawn in turn, what are they supposed to do?

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