Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Continuing The Ancient Indian Tradition of Child Cruelty

(Originally started c. 2012)

Indian TV, from a cloistered period of innocence upto the early 1990’s, rapidly evolved, absorbed all matter of new fangled programme formats within a matter of months of them appearing on global tv, and now finally eaten itself.

Further to my earlier posting on the prevalence of CC and C actors in Indian Soaps, trailers in late 2011 started advertising a new Soap starting on (the now defunct) NDTV Imagine (Sky 831 in UK). Haar Jeet is the story of 2 child performers. The trailer should be self-explanatory whether you understand Hindi or not:

Recent convulsions of soul searching have wracked the Indian media over the case of ‘BabyFalak’, a battered toddler dumped in hospital by a trafficked 14 year old. Drawing parallels with the Baby P case in the UK, the child, who subsequently died after receiving massive head injuries was then revealed to have been the end of a complex chain of child trafficking (sold by her mother who was then sold on into another marriage herself). Given the endless portrayal of child cruelty on TV soaps you would have thought that the public would have at least had some inkling of this, but no; magical thinking prevails as always.

December time in India, means its time for another CC festival. The other week it was B-dropping festival at the Dargah. Not droppings *from* a baby, Dropping *of* a baby.

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