Friday, November 29, 2013

Further Continuing The Indian Tradition of Child Cruelty: Isn’t this Slightly Odd?

Zee Bangla, or its cannibalised content on UK channel Zee Café (prev Sky 846) had a particular obsession with young g!rls. Of the main primetime Bengali and Marathi -language shows on the channel from its launch in July 2010 to Hindi re-branding in Dec 19 2011, 5 (Khona, Kunku, Kanya, Subarnalata, Dance Bangla Dance Junior, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil’Champs, Marathi Paaul Padte Pudhe - Atkepaar Zenda) featured a pre-pubescent girl in the lead role. 

I’m trying to avoid the inconvenient reminder that West Bengal (renamed ‘Paschim Bongo’ in a fit of nationalist pique) is the child s** capital of India (Link: Unreported World, Land of Missing Children), or the recent resurgence* of trafficking of lasses to the Farming Hicksville Goatfucking – STRICT VEGETARIAN – CowBelt of pious, devout, PROSPEROUS little Femicidaires in Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan since they’ve butchered most of their own females.

But is that not DEEPLY strange?

*Not new either. Writer Sharat Chandra wrote about Dad’s making a quick buck selling their daughter’s westwards from Bengal into families in the same area in the 19th Century.

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